Horse Shows

Horse Shows

Students will be able to participate in shows at Ridgelawn and away. All students may participate and spectators are welcome. Students must dress appropriately in show attire. Winter – any colour breeches and sweater, riding boots, helmet, gloves and a short jacket or vest. Summer – light coloured breeches and shirt, show jacket, helmet, boots and gloves. All students showing must have a fitted white saddle pad.

Cost Involved

Horse rental - no horse rental for co-boarded horses - $30

Trailering to off property horse shows - must be paid in cash to the driver
and put in box in an envelope with rider's name and driver’s name. - please contact your coach for trailering fees

Coaching fees at Ridgelawn hosted shows (payable to your coach) - $40

Coaching fees away from Ridgelawn shows (payable to your coach)  - $40.00 - $60.00

Ridgelawn Horse Show Fees (Non-Refundable):

Entry Fee: $11/class
Warm up: $3
Office fee: $8

Hunter Schooling Show - 9:30 a.m. START TIME

**** Warmup - 8:30 a.m. SHARP

Beginner Division

  1. Walk/Trot
  2. Walk/Trot/Canter
  3. Cavalletti

Hack Division

  1. Road
  2. Show
  3. Pleasure

**** Warm up for Novice Division ****

Novice Division (2')

  1. Novice Over Fences
  2. Novice Over Fences
  3. Novice Under Saddle

**** Warm up for Open Division ****


  1. Over Fences
  2. Over Fences
  3. Under Saddle